T Shirt For Dogs

t shirt for dogs

    t shirt
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t shirt for dogs - Dog T-Shirt

Dog T-Shirt White Polo XS

Dog T-Shirt White Polo XS

Wouldn't your little one look stylish in our Polo T-shirt? Choose between Pink or White. These tee have the classic Polo collar and buttons up the back. We put the decorative part of the "Polo" on the back for all to see. The buttons work and are helpful for easy off and on. Our qualty T-Shirts are high quality in fabric and in making. We take pride in making our dog wear. Please take a look at the size chart. These shirts are made of cotton / polyester blend. This is a size Extra Small: Length: 6 - 8", Dog's weight: 2-6 pounds

81% (11)

skinny dog in summertime

skinny dog in summertime

skinny dog (aka dog who likes to take off like a shot at any given moment) gave me a scare over the summer. she lacked basic digestive enzymes and was pretty close to dying over the summer. we left for a trip to yellowstone and were gone for three + weeks and when we got back home skinny dog was even skinnier, so skinny and lifeless in fact, the flies began chewing on her ears and she looked on death's bed.

close to $1k later and the roaming dog got healthy, now with the aid of $100/month pancreatic enzyme replacement she continues to provide our family joy (and grief on those occasions she decides to dart off). here is skinny dog, circa mid summer, chillaxing. this is right when she was on the mend and was still lackluster in the energy dept. pup's now almost 80 y/o in human years and is a crazy puppy again now that she actually gets to digest the vast amounts of food she likes to ingest.

Dog Rape 4

Dog Rape 4

He thought it was a good idea to get someone else's male pit to breed with his own female right there in the dog run--without a muzzle or any kind of protection for either animal, even though his dog was not responding positively and did not want to mate with the male he had chosen for her.

t shirt for dogs

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